Ceca | Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović | 2016

Serbische Pop-Folk / Turbo-Folk Queen

Ceca | Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović | 2016 - Serbische Pop-Folk / Turbo-Folk Queen

English – Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović

Welcome to the English fan site of the Serbian pop artist Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović.

Updated in February 2016

Ceca – Infusion Parfum by Ceca Raznatovic – Ceca 2016


Svetlana „Ceca“ Ražnatović (Serbian: Светлана Цеца Ражнатовић, maiden name Veličković), was born on 14 June 1973 in Žitorađa (southern Serbia, -former Yugoslavia). Svetlana „Ceca“ Ražnatović is one of the most famous Serbian Pop-Folk / Turbo-folk singers. Ceca (Nickname / short form of the name Svetlana) is very popular and well known in all countries of former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Greece. On the Balkans is hardly to find a nightclub, bar, club or music festival where not her hits are heard. Ceca is the most successful artist of Serbian pop-folk scene.

The life of Svetlana „Ceca“ Ražnatović

Ceca gave her debut at the young age of 14 years at a folk music festival in the Serbian village of Ilidža, with the song „Cvetak zanovetak“ (Seductive flower).
She married in 1995 at the age of 22 years Željko Ražnatović (known as „Arkan“). The wedding was broadcast live on Serbian television. Two children, Veljko and daughter Anastasija, was born during their marriage.

On January 15/ 2000, her husband Arkan (Željko Ražnatović) was shot down in the 4 star Hotel Intercontinental in Belgrade. After the death of Arkan she assumed the presidency of the Belgrade football club FK Obilić.

In 2002 Ceca had a spectacular concert at the Marakana Stadium in Belgrade (80,000 fans) a spectacular concert, which was broadcast nationwide on TV. The album „Idealno Losha“ was also presented with a spectacular concert on Belgrade’s „Ushce (Stadion)“ with more than 100,000 visitors. The album „Idealno Losha“ had enormous success. Many of Cecas’s songs are covered in neighboring countries of Serbia by other artists.

Discography of Svetlana „Ceca“ Ražnatović

Ceca Raznatovic – Rasulo HD (official video)

Ceca’s albums

1988 – Cvetak zanovetak [PGP RTB]
1989 – Ludo srce [PGP RTB]
1990 – Pustite me da ga vidim [PGP RTB]
1991 – Babaroga [PGP RTB]
1993 – Šta je to u tvojim venama / Kukavica [Juve]
1994 – Ceca [Centroscena]
1995 – Fatalna ljubav [PGP RTS]
1996 – Emotivna luda [Komuna]
1997 – Maskarada [PGP RTS]
1999 – Ceca 2000 [PGP RTS]
2001 – Decenija [City Records & Grand Production]
2004 – Gore od ljubavi [Cecamusic & Miligrammusic]
2005 – London Mix [Cecamusic & Miligrammusic & Blic Zena]
2006 – Idealno Losa [Cecamusic & Miligrammusic]
2011 – Ljubav Zivi [Miligrammusic]
2012 – C-Club [Miligrammusic]
2013 – Poziv [City Records & Miligrammusic]
Ceca’s Singles
1992 – U snu Ljubim medna usta – duet with Dragan Kojić – Keba
1992 – necu protiv druga svog – duet with Rade Šerbedžija
1994 – K’o na grani jabuka – duet with Zeljko Sasic
2003 – Radjajte decu
2008 – Vreme za ljubav ističe – duet with Oliver Mandić

The fans of Ceca expect impatiently a new album in 2016. Whether there will be a new album in 2016 Ceca remains to be seen.

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